ClueJay Vet Lab Tests

ClueJay is an innovative home testing product that gives pet owners easy access to veterinary approved lab tests. Our simple home collect-and-mail testing delivers rapid results to a digital dashboard – helping pet owners keep their animals healthy, save time, avoid stress, stay engaged, and keep current on their pet’s healthcare.

Several tests are routinely recommended by veterinarians to help maintain each pet’s health and wellness. By putting these tests in your hands, you can now help protect your pet (and in some cases your family) before a problem arises.

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Meet Maranda™

ClueJay was created by Maranda, an animal health company with a mission to increase access to high quality healthcare for pets. Developed by veterinarians, backed by vet approved laboratory testing (Maranda Vet Labs), and designed for your convenience—the Maranda community is dedicated to helping people do more for their pets from home.

Dennis Chmiel, DVM, MBA

Cofounder & CEO

“I care deeply about making a difference for pets and their people, which is why we are innovating how high-quality veterinary healthcare can be accessed and delivered.”

Nancy Willerton, DVM

Cofounder & COO

As a veterinarian I get to witness firsthand how precious pets are to their people. How great would it be if there was easier access to veterinary care? ClueJay is a big step towards this goal.”

Krista Chmiel

Portfolio Success

“Build your dream, success will follow”

Jessica Janowski

Customer Care

“Do not listen to reply; listen to understand.”

Ruby Paredes

Maranda Vet Labs

“In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.”
Albert Einstein

Sadoc Paredes

Maranda Vet Labs

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
Thomas A. Edison

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