Hookworm Resistance in Greyhounds

Photo credited by Noodles Dockham

ClueJay offers an Add-On McMaster Fecal Egg Count to all Dog Stool Tests for an additional $50. Use coupon code HOOKWORMS at time of purchase to receive 15% off your stool test. In return, ClueJay will send you a payment link via email for the egg count to be added on. Once you receive your test, please fill the brown top tube completely to ensure there is enough stool for both tests.

The McMaster technique calculates the number of hookworm eggs per gram of stool. FECRT is the % reduction the egg count between two tests (typically a pre-treatment and post-treatment sample). The FECRT is calculated following the testing of the second sample.

ClueJay is excited to offer you direct access to testing as you help your greyhounds live their best post-racing life! Questions? Reach out through chat or hello@cluejay.com. You may also request a veterinary consult to discuss any findings.

To learn more:

Dog parasite is developing resistance to treatments

University of Georgia; By Leigh Beeson; September 20th, 2021

“Hookworms have evolved to evade all FDA approved medications veterinarians use to kill them. Right now, U.S. veterinarians rely on three types of drugs to kill the hookworms, but the parasites appear to becoming resistant to all of them. Researchers from the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine first reported this concerning development in 2019, and new research, published recently in the International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance, provides deeper insight into where the problem started and how bad it’s since become.” Read more

Under The Microscope

Two-Chamber Grid McMaster Slide

Hookworm Lifecycle