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Maranda LLC is an animal health company, with a mission to increase access to high-quality healthcare for pets and their people. Founded and guided by veterinarians and pet enthusiasts, Maranda is creating a family of products, services, and experiences that seamlessly connect pet owners with the best possible modern pet healthcare. Our founders have years of experience working as professional veterinarians and championing new and innovative pet health solutions.

Today’s pet owners often face important challenges when caring for their pet’s health including ease-of-access, convenience, pet anxiety/stress, confusing medical jargon, affordability, and price transparency. Maranda is addressing these barriers to pet care by pioneering and sourcing needed technologies, products, and services that bring together the digital and tangible in exciting new ways to keep pets healthy. Learn more about

Maranda Vet Labs?

Maranda LLC is a strong advocate of testing through and under the guidance of veterinarians. However, we also believe that some of these authentic, professional tests should be accessible online and in pet retail stores, through pet service providers like kennels, day cares, groomers, and trainers, and at animal shelters and rescues.

Maranda Veterinary Laboratories LLC is the first consumer-direct veterinary reference laboratory, designed to meet or exceed standards of care for professional pet health tests. This means that a pet owner can conveniently access veterinary recommended tests for their pets, without the vet visit. Maranda Vet Labs (MVL) uses the same, and often more advanced testing techniques than what veterinarians perform in their own practices.

MVL has highly automated sample tracking technologies and uniquely delivers evidence-based online test results directly to the pet owner, which are easy to share with a local or virtual veterinarian and added to the pet’s medical record. Centrally located in Denver, CO, MVL receives consumer-direct samples from all over the U.S., collected and shipped using ClueJay test kits. MVL also supports sample analysis directly from shelters and veterinary practices.

Core testing (e.g., stool tests for worms and Giardia) is done at MVL by experienced veterinary laboratory technicians. Some highly specialized testing (e.g., PCR for stool microbes) is supported by carefully chosen partner labs. MVL processes and tests pet samples Mon-Sat with exceptions for major holidays.

Maranda Core Values?

Maranda aspires to always be Kind, Inspirational, and Trustworthy, and profess these three complimentary core values (K.I.T.) to ensure our shared prosperity:

  • Kindness: we will be softhearted and appreciative
  • Inspiration: we will be worthy of high regard and influence
  • Trust: we will be reliable in character, ability, and duty

Maranda core values underlie how we perform work, how we conduct ourselves with our customers, our partners, and each other, and which strategies and tactics we employ to define our brands and fulfill our great mission.

Please don’t hesitate to tell us if we haven’t acted in a way consistent with our core values.

Maranda Scientific Research?

Expanding the understanding of pet health and wellness through evidence-based insights is a core belief of veterinarians and Maranda. We will positively contribute to this growing body of knowledge by leading or supporting ethical studies that can improve the lives of pets and their people, and work to share that knowledge broadly. Such studies may explore enhancements to laboratory techniques or sample collection methods, while others might compare the prevalence (commonness) of positive tests around the country using anonymous data sets. We may reach out to customers on occasion to ask them to contribute to or participate in Maranda-supported pet health research.

Any personally identifiable information you provide to us is subject to the Maranda LLC Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is part of and incorporated into the Maranda LLC Terms & Conditions.

Maranda Social Responsibility?

Maranda cares about the health and wellness of pets, people, and the planet. We recognize that our activities have an impact on society and the environment, and we have a responsibility to continually evolve our business practices toward higher levels of sustainability and generosity.

We strive as a company to be as virtual as possible, to thoughtfully consider the materials used in our products, and implement logistics and laboratory processes that minimize unnecessary or unrecyclable wastes. While we work closely with national retailers to maximize access to our healthcare solutions, we have intentionally designed business, distribution, and pricing models that also support small business pet service providers in local communities.

Equally important is our work with non-profit animal shelters and rescues, for whom we offer tailored solutions to make their important and difficult work a little easier.