Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Businesses

Can Small Businesses Sell ClueJay?

Home collect-and-mail test kits are advancing human healthcare. Now small and large businesses can generate new revenue and promote pet health by selling ClueJay home pet testing kits. While we work with national retailers to maximize access to our healthcare solutions, we intentionally design business, distribution, and pricing models that also support small business pet service providers in local communities.

Businesses seek to build trust with pet owners by recommending reliable, convenient and veterinary approved pet health products. ClueJay offers a profitable way for a wide variety of pet service provider business owners to meet the real needs of pet parents.

Pet service businesses can request wholesale pricing and learn more at or email We welcome the opportunity to partner.

Can Pet Service Providers Sell ClueJay?

Pet Service Providers (PSP) are a wide range of small, medium, and large businesses offering all sorts of great products and services for pets and their families. Now these businesses can also offer their customers the convenience and affordability of ClueJay professional pet tests from home.

PSPs can request wholesale pricing and learn more at or email Let’s improve access to high quality healthcare together!

  • Pet Boarding & Daycare
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Sitting & Walking
  • Pet Training
  • Pet Retail
  • Pet Wellness
  • Nursing & Home Care
  • Vet Local & Virtual Care

Can Veterinarians Sell ClueJay?

ClueJay is a strong advocate of testing through and under the guidance of veterinarians. However, we also believe that these authentic, professional tests should be more accessible online and in pet retail stores, through pet service providers like kennels, day cares, groomers, and trainers, and at animal shelters and rescues. Since ClueJay pet tests meet (or exceed) standards of care for professional reference laboratories, veterinarians can sell and recommend them.

Our founders are experienced veterinarians who collaborate with other veterinarians representing a variety of healthcare delivery models, from the traditional brick-and-mortar practice, to home care (mobile), and virtual care (telehealth). Veterinarians can request wholesale pricing and learn more at or email Working together, we can help keep more pets and more families healthy and well.